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Parenting Coach, Public Speaker, Author & Podcaster

Creating Real Connections

Meet Helen

Licensed Professional Counselor, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Author

As a masters level licensed professional counselor I have been in the behavioral health field for over twenty-five years and I have owned and operated my own private practice for fourteen years. In the early years of my career I was responsible for creating and implementing the behavior modification programs for group homes. I then transferred these skills to helping families in the community modify the behaviors of their school aged children. Upon receiving numerous requests from adults to provide them services I then opened my private practice. 


Until recently, I have focused predominantly on working with adults and couples. I have worked with a wide range of diagnoses but most of my clientele report experiencing mood disorder symptoms related to depression, anxiety and bipolar. I have a very practical approach to working with clients. I meet my clients where they are taking into consideration their realities. Therefore, I will never suggest a skill or intervention that may conflict with your life values.

My newest endeavor is public speaking.  I channel all of my passion, knowledge and skill into helping parents understand and achieve the two goals of parenting: 1) for the parent to become the authority figure (aka respected role model) and 2) for the child to learn how to make good choices. Parenting is the only global job that has immeasurable impact on the world yet has no other qualifications than an ability to reproduce. Parenting has become so flooded with information and suggestions that many parents are left paralyzed by the deluge.

My goal is to simplify and improve.

In addition to my education and work experiences, I am also the mother of five sons. I bring all of my knowledge with me into my sessions relating to the single parent, the happily married, the unhappily married, the divorced, the grieving daughter, the parent of adult children, the entrepreneur, the ambitious, career-oriented and so much in between. I value being able to hear my client’s needs, validate them and encourage them to become the best version of themselves.

What I Specialize In



When working with individuals my goal is to meet my clients where they are.  I utilize a combination of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and Gestalt therapies to formulate a working concept for my client.  Psychodynamics involves looking at the relationships of your past to understand why the current cognitive-behavioral patterns have developed and how best to shift those patterns to create your best whole self (Gestalt).  I incorporate the use of skills and techniques from all different theories to achieve your goals.  I do this because there will never be one skill that works for everyone.  I am committed to trying skills until we find what works for you.

Couples Counseling

In working with couples I defer to the Gottmans.  The Gottmans are a husband & wife team who have traveled the world studying couples for decades.  What I love about their approach is that they observed

what healthy couples did and built their theory around behaviors people naturally engaged in.  Genius!  As a level 2 trained therapist in the Gottman Method, I utilize as many of their interventions as possible with just a little of my own flare. 

Parenting Coaching

Public Speaking

The first 15 years of my career focused predominantly on working with children and their families. My professional and personal experience as a mother of 5 led me to discover an approach to parenting that is highly successful.

       Creating an emotionally safe environment is the key to creating your parenting miracle. Yes, miracle! After all, the word miracle is often used to describe the return of something to its intended state (ie. the blind to see). My approach to parenting results in a deep & loving connection to your child that eliminates power struggles. Parenting is meant to be enjoyed.

SMART Parenting!

Online Live & Recorded Parenting Course
Every parent wants the same thing - to enjoy watching
your kids grow! But the joy of watching them grow
is constantly interrupted with opposition, power
struggles, life stressors, schedules and the
unrelenting amount of uncertainty and fear.
My course is based on SMART goals for parenting-

something no other parent education system does.

You will not only learn what these goals are and why

they are but also identify the barriers
separating you from your ideal parenting experience
and eliminate them for good.
The only thing left for you to do is enjoy Parenting!

  • understand the 2 goals of parenting

  • eliminate power struggles

  • get on same page with partner

  • simplify & streamline discipline

  • form a deeper connection with kids

  • work at your own pace

  • be part of a community


*monthly subscription starting at $47/month*

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The Parenting Treatment Plan


To create an emotionally safe environment,
become the authority figure.
5 steps to becoming the authority figure...



Reduces anxiety.

Promotes mastery, self-confidence & trust.

Reduces anxiety.

Teach & show love.

Develop understanding & empathy.



How does the world work & what is expected of its citizens?

Healthy communication starts by listening more than you talk.


Where trust is tested. Do you mean what you say?

Family Time

''Therapy is about validating your worth, ideas, and needs, while also exploring current behavior & thought patterns that contradict your desired goals.

Across races, genders, ages, and beliefs, people share the same needs. Unfortunately, the current one-on-one approach can't keep up with demand. In 2021, I received 1,200 inquiries but could only help 50 (4%). This isn't enough. Needs are surpassing available help''.

If you are ready to start making lasting, healthy changes in your life please reach out to schedule your appointment today.

Helen has helped me get through a lot of issues that I have been dealing with. She's very knowledgable and capable to help anyone. Helen also provides great help with business ideas as well. I can't wait to see her again in the near future!

- A.F.

Helen is amazing. She was very supportive while working with me. She helped me let go of a lot of things. She worked with me and was available when necessary. She made me so comfortable with her I could let down my guard and be myself. I’m looking forward to returning to her in the near future and I highly recommend her to everyone...

- T.P.

Helen was referred to me. My experience with her is one that I can only describe as necessary. Helen is real and will help you to understand what you are going through. She listens and is very welcoming. I highly recommend going to her, especially if you're trying to sort out something within yourself and/or relationship.

- M.P.

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