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Helen V Hicks, MA, MBA, LPC


Licensed Professional Counselor, Podcaster, Author

Therapy is not a culmination of epiphanies.  It's more like a series of validations: validation of your worth, your ideas, your needs. It is also an in depth look into your behavior patterns, which are usually predictable.  In addressing these patterns I find myself telling people of different races, genders, ages and beliefs the same thing.  People have the same needs.  Yet far too often people aren't getting those needs met.  In 2021 approximately 1,200 people reached out to me for help.  I was able to help 50.  That's only 4%!  It's unacceptable!  Peoples' needs are outgrowing the rate at which they can be helped and the traditional approach of helping one person at a time isn't effective enough. 

My hope is that my podcast, What Would Helen Say?, and my book, The Parenting Treatment Plan, will expand my reach so that everyone willing to listen or read can receive the insights and skills that therapy can provide.  Despite the increased availability of insurance and access to providers there remains many other boundaries to people reaching out for the appropriate help. Stigma, past negative experiences, shame and hopelessness are just a few of the challenges many people face when considering getting help. ​ My podcast will put the benefits of therapy in the heart of every listener and my book is intended to be a guide for every parent striving to create their desired parenting experience.
The Parenting Treatment Plan is a dive into the foundations of the parent-child relationship. In it you will learn the two goals of parenting: 1) for the parent to become the authority figure and 2) for the child to learn how to make good choices. The benefit of becoming your child's authority figure is that your child stops fighting you and willingly relinquishes control so you can guide without opposition. Imagine it! Homework - without opposition. Morning routines - without opposition. Bed time - without opposition. It's true! I've done it! And now I show you how to do the same.

As a masters level licensed professional counselor I have been in the behavioral health field for over twenty-five years and I have owned and operated my own private practice for twelve years. In the early years of my career I was responsible for creating and implementing the behavior modification programs for group homes. I then transferred these skills to helping families in the community modify the behaviors of their school aged children. Upon receiving numerous requests from adults to provide them services I then opened my private practice. Since that time I have focused predominantly on working with adults and couples. I work with a wide range of diagnoses but most of clientele report experiencing mood disorder symptoms related to depression, anxiety and bipolar. I have a very practical approach to working with clients. I meet my clients where they are taking into consideration their realities. Therefore, I will never suggest a skill or intervention that may conflict with your life  values.

In addition to my education and work experiences, I am also the mother of five sons. I bring all of my knowledge with me into my sessions relating to the single parent, the happily married, the unhappily married, the divorced, the grieving daughter, the parent of adult children, the entrepreneur, the ambitious, career oriented and so much in between. I value being able to hear my client’s needs, validate them and encourage them to become the best version of themselves.

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