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The Parenting Treatment Plan


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 5 steps to becoming the authority figure...


Reduces anxiety.

Promotes mastery, self-confidence & trust.


Healthy communication starts by listening more than you talk.


Teach & show love.

Develop understanding & empathy.


Where trust is tested. Do you mean what you say?


How does the world work & what is expected of its citizens?

When you become the authority figure...

your child stops fighting you.

Children are hardwired for survival. To them survival means getting what they want. Until you prove your ability to keep them safe physically, emotionally & mentally (which requires saying "no") they will not relinquish their power to promote their own survival.

"In The Parenting Treatment Plan by Helen V Hicks MA MBA LPC, the author presents parenting from the view of her childhood and the way she raises her children, citing certain behaviors and including text from esteemed developmental professionals. She provides exercises for caregivers to try with their families, consisting of questions and spaces for answers that may be viewed later for growth and reflection. The author outlines limit-setting, resisting assumptions, and controlled responses and gives readers detailed information and examples with each of her points. The book points out certain areas where caregivers may help their children to develop into happier, more conscientious adults while strengthening familial bonds. The ultimate goal in raising children is to provide them with the framework for good self-confidence and discipline which results in responsibility and reliability. Helen V Hicks affirms that her readers can strive to be good parents, even if they weren’t given good examples. A common theme throughout the book is consistency in parenting. Hicks rightly believes it helps form a stronger foundation on which to build trust and cooperation. Respect is a key term throughout the text, and its value over fear is displayed repeatedly through the examples the author cites. If readers are struggling with their efforts to raise stable children who will ultimately be able to care for themselves more effectively, they should read this book! The Parenting Treatment Plan is a good reference for any caregiver, as they could benefit from at least one piece of Hicks’s professionally seasoned advice."
Reviewed by: Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers' Favorite

Alexa Young, CA

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